• Sounding Architecture

    The final aim of this work of art is to involve the spectator and make him participate with his own implication in the sculpture. The overall view resembles an orchestra where the spectator acts as the conductor of audiovisual art, according to his own personality and behaviour when he is observing the sculpture. The method used to shoot the sound is an out of view video camera, to avoid any undesirable interference with the sculpture, such as cables, microphones or the use of laser and mouse clicking. The camera reads and analyses any movement in the space provided, sending the information to a computer containing the sound. The processed sound is sent back to the chapel through amplifiers, creating an interactive chain between the spectator, the experience of viewing the work of art and the music. Sound forms part of the space and this is built by a combination of visual and sound perceptions produced as the spectator walks through the room, making each visit unique. We are trying to demonstrate how significant is our behaviour and how all our actions influence our setting. Human emotion takes control and generates a new awareness of our living scene.