• The Reflected Object

    The artwork is presented in two parts: object and image. A metallic structure is shown along with the photogram of its shadow. This photographic negative represents the state of the sculpture at a certain instant before as a deferred version of itself. The process for taking the photogram is the same that Man Rays used in his earliest rayograms. The sculpture is laid directly on to photo-sensitive paper and then exposed to light, with no further conscious manipulation. The contemplation of the work includes the three-dimensional perception of the sculpture along with the ambivalent sight of its imprinted shadow. The contrast of theses two elements requires thus a second look, searching for the clue to a puzzle. It is through this second look where the author establishes a dialogue between present time and recollection of the past. These works hold an equilibrium between past and present, which I believe is vital for the contemplation of Contemporary Art.

    Text from the cataloge of "The Reflected Object" exhibition